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At Farmia, hens, roosters, and chicks are readily available for sale.

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Buying and selling chickens in traditional way wastes valuable resources such as time and money. We’ve recognized these challenges, so we’re connecting buyers and sellers. Now, they’re able to buy and sell chickens at economically-speaking the most convenient moment.

When it comes to animal care, we’re aware that every moment counts. To buy and sell hens, roosters, and chicks, you need only your computer, laptop, or a mobile phone. You don’t have to travel miles to access the No. 1 online livestock trading marketplace in Serbia.

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What's driving current chicken prices?

Fluctuations in chicken prices in Serbia depend on various factors, such as consumer search and demand, feed intake. Recently, there’s been a rise in the number of family farms. These farms are prone to grey zone trading, and this leaves room for additional variations. The price for buying and selling chicken in Serbia is prone to weekly changes.

In order to improve the transparency of chicken price trends in the Serbian livestock market, every Tuesday, Farmia brings a detailed report on current prices of hens, roosters, chicks.

chicken for sale

Current number of available head

What chicken farming is like in Serbia?

Chicken farming a great small farm business for about 414,000 farming households. In contrast with other farming activities, the number of chicken heads is continuously growing. There are nearly 26 million chicken heads in Serbia. The vast majority of Serbian chicken is reared in Vojvodina and Sumadija (nearly 20 million). In addition, broilers account for nearly half of Serbian chicken.

As far as the breed structure is concerned, domestic chicken breeds are most common. The New Hampshire chicken together with the Plymouth Rock chicken can also be found. Throughout the years, mixed breed chickens such as Banat Naked-neck, Sombor Crested chicken, Black Svrljig chicken have also been established.

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No matter what I did, I simply couldn’t market my chickens. And I needed something new. Entered Farmia, and now I don’t have to worry at all.

Aleksandar Petrović Mačvanska Mitrovica
EKSTRA PRASIĆI NA PRODAJU! Srđan Dević Belegiš, Sremski okrug
Simentalska muska telad Perica Jovic Deč, Srbija, Sremski okrug
Prodajem prasad Miljan Komatina Savino Selo, Srbija, Južnobački okrug
Prasici za tov na prodaju Stefan A Srbobran, Vojvodina, Južnobački okrug
Prasići na prodaju! Srđan Dević Belegiš, Sremski okrug
Prodajem umatičene ovce rase IL DE FRANS Nenad Kovačević Crvenka, Srbija, Zapadnobački okrug
Prasici za tov na prodaju Stefan A Srbobran, Vojvodina, Južnobački okrug
Prasad na prodaju Dobrinko Mihajlov Margita, Vojvodina, Južnobanatski okrug
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