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Geldings for sale

Gelding is a castrated male horse. Castration is a surgical intervention that removes the testicles (male sex glands). Castration calms the temperament of the horse. For sports and recreational riding castrated horses are more convenient than stallions. Stallions have very strong urge to mate, so they can make trouble. If a stud is placed near the mares in heat, it is expected that he will try with all his strength to reach the mares, whatever the obstacles are. ecause of the aggressive behavior that is caused by hormones stallions can self-injur. Castration can be done at any age of the male horse. It can be done lying - in the barn, or standing under - general anesthesia at the clinic. The most important thing is that castration is done by professional veterinarian. In addition, it is important to pay attention to postoperative recovery. The most suitable period for the castration of horses is winter and early spring because there is less insects that can infect the wound after castration.

Buying geldings?

Farmia specializes in demand of high quality geldings. Are you looking to sell geldings? Thanks to the wide network of buyers and sellers which consists of small family farms, as well as large farms, we are able to find a buyer for your geldings.

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Kako da "pričate" sa svojim konjem

Konji imaju osećanja i, naučno dokazano, razumeju mnogo više nego što mislimo i ako naučite da pričate s njima, očekuje vas dug i prijateljski odnos.

Horse Breeding, Farms, 15. Dec 2016.

Mala škola jahanja

Spremili smo vam nekoliko najbitnijih stvari o konjima i jahanju koje svaki vlasnik, jahač pa i ljubitelj mogu naći interesantnim i značajnim za znati.

Horse Breeding, Farms, 09. Dec 2016.

Za dobrim konjem se diže prašina: Orlov kasač

Orlov Kasač je rasa konja sa naslednim brzim kasom, poznat po svojoj izuzetnoj brzini i izdržljivosti. On je najpoznatiji ruski konj.

Horse Breeding, Farms, 13. Aug 2017.

Lek za srce i dušu: konjarstvo kao hobi

Šta donosi konjarstvo kao hobi? Zašto je ovo lek za srce i dušu otkriva Romana Arlov, veterinar.

Horse Breeding, Farms, 18. May 2016.

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I was looking for a Lipizzaner for quite a long time. Thanks to Farmia, I found a beautiful Lipizzaner horse, and made a good deal with its seller. I’d recommend Farmia to anyone involved in cattle breeding.

Milan Sredojević Kikinda
Muska hereford telad Ognjen Marijan Kupinovo, Srbija, Sremski okrug
Prodajem prasad Zeljko Milicevic Velika Plana, Srbija, Podunavski okrug
Prasići Dimitrije S Bečej, Srbija, Južnobački okrug
Teladi Zeljko Doroslovac Novo Miloševo, Srbija
Steona krava na prodaju Milija Šuleić Krnjevo, Podunavski okrug
Il de france sijezice na prodaju Luka Vidakovic Srpski Miletić, Srbija, Zapadnobački okrug
Ovan na prodaju Slavko Danilovac Deronje, Vojvodina, Južnobački okrug
Na prodaju Jagodina Petrovic Sibnica, Srbija, Grad Beograd
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