How to buy and sell goats?

At Farmia, goats, billy goats, and goatlings are readily available for sale.

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Buying and selling goats in Serbia can be done in a simpler, easier way. Farmia is well-aware how time, and money consuming it can be to buy and sell sheep. But, it doesn’t have to be like this. Thanks to Farmia, buying and selling goats can be done at economically-speaking the most convenient moment.

When it comes to animal care, we’re aware that every moment counts. To buy and sell goats, billy goats, and goatlings, you need only your computer, laptop, or a mobile phone. You don’t have to travel miles to access the No. 1 online livestock trading marketplace in Serbia.

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What's driving current goat prices?

Fluctuations in goat prices in Serbia depend on various factors, such as weight, age, gender, together with the method of raising, because lately consumers have had so much interest in products of specific characteristics. Highly fragmented market also leaves some room for additional fluctuations in goat price trends.

In order to improve the transparency of goat price trends in the Serbian livestock market, every Tuesday, Farmia brings a detailed report on current prices of goats, billy goats, and goatlings.

goats for sale

Current number of available head

What goat farming is like in Serbia?

Up until the World War II, there were 1.8 million goats in Serbia. In the aftermath, goat keeping was prohibited. Nowadays, raising goats the potential for the greatest profits, and the confirmation comes from agriculture professionals mostly in Southern and Eastern Serbia.

Nearly 63.000 agricultural households own 232.000 goats. As far as the breed structure is concerned, goats in Serbia are mostly of the Balkan type. The saanen goat and the alpine goat are also popular breeds.

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Kako uspeti u kozarstvu?

Danas je ponovo kozarstvo u Srbiji u punom uzletu. Uzgajivači su spremni da uče i da se posvete ovoj stočarskoj grani, a Farmia otkriva sve o ovoj temi.

Goat Breeding, Farms, 13. Oct 2016.

Pigmejska koza – sitna al’ dinamitna

Prvobitno nazvana kamerunska patuljasta, pigmejska koza potiče iz Afrike i uprkos malom rastu može da da veliku količinu mleka, a meso joj je ukusno.

Goat Breeding, Farms, 12. Oct 2016.

Tajvanska koza – garavuša sa Dalekog istoka

Ukrštanjem Nubijske sa crnim burskim kozama dobijena je rasa crnih koza koja je u Tajvanu najzastupljenija - tajvanska koza!

Goat Breeding, Farms, 10. Oct 2016.

I koze vole jogu

Joga vežbe osmišljene su da održavaju telesno i duhovno zdravlje vežbača. Ali, od skoro joga više nije rezervisana samo za ljude, već i za - koze!

Goat Breeding, Farms, 16. Sep 2016.

Meet our farmers

I wanted to buy a goat, but I had no idea where to start looking for one. I stumbled upon and finally found the perfect goat! As it turned out, the seller lived nearby, so I saved both time, and money. I’m so grateful to Farmia, because I made a purchase in such a short span of time.

Zdravko Petronijević Raška
Kvalitetna prasad za tov Toma Prica Šabac, Srbija, Mačvanski okrug
Kvalitet i povoljno Jovoša Todić Mačvanski
Prasad jokšir x landras na prodaju Nemanja Rajic Sivac, Srbija, Zapadnobački okrug
Omaticena jagnjad Miroljub Stevanović Godačica, Srbija, Raški okrug
Ile de France ovan za priplod Rudolf Balassa Mali Beograd, Srbija, Severnobački okrug
Mlade oplođene matice Vladan Pavlović Gaglovo, Srbija, Rasinski okrug
Konj na prodaju Doru Barbu Mramorak, Srbija
Sjenicka zenska jagnjad umaticena Ivan Brocic Guča, Moravički okrug
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