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How to buy livestock feed for your farm animals in the easiest way, in the Balkan region?

With Farmia, the highest quality animal feed is only one-click away.

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Importance of high quality feed for animal nutrition

Proper and quality animal nutrition is the most important prerequisite for good growth, development and health of the animals. When choosing and buying animal feed, premixes and concentrates, farmer should pay attention to the latest discoveries in the field of nutrition of farm animals, including the function and importance of vitamins, minerals and protein quality. In this regard, Farmia aims to connect feed manufacturers and farmers, and to provide the simplest way of purchasing animal feed that contains all the necessary nutrients.

It takes a lot of love and commitment to provide the best care and nutrition for your animals. Until now, farmers had to devote considerable time and money to find and select the highest quality livestock feed. Buying animal feed, concentrates and premixes have never been easier with your computer, tablet, or a mobile phone. With a single click, from the comfort of your home, you can compare, choose and buy feed at low prices for your animals.

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Then and Now - Animal Feed in the Balkans

Animal nutrition and providing the best feed to animals have been priorities for every farmer in the Balkans. In the last century, most of the farmers relied on pastures, silages and homemade mixtures. Today, with the new technology and development of the animal feed industry, farmers can choose and buy high quality, standardized premixes, and concentrates. In the region, farmers can find and choose animal feed for all categories and breeds of domestic animals produced by premium international, regional, and local manufacturers.

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I had to spend a lot of time and money to find a high-quality pig feed. With Farmia, I was able to browse, compare, and buy premium quality feed at the lowest price. Now, I am certain that the concentrate which I gave to my pigs is reliable and contains all the necessary nutrients for their growth and development.

Ratomir Jovanović Lapovo
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