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Why sell on Farmia?

Would you like to sell your animals easily and quickly? Farmia gives you a possibility to offer your animals to a wider circle of buyers with reputation and, by doing so, secure and speed up your sale.


Why sell on Farmia?

Offer your livestock to a wider circle of buyers, build up your farm’s reputation and significantly bring down the selling time.

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Speed up your sale and build up your farm's reputation in this growing market.

  • Trading

    Sell your livestock to a wider circle of prospective buyers.

  • Speed

    The offers are automatically forwarded to prospective buyers. This further brings the down the selling time.

  • Visibility

    Sell your livestock on international and domestic markets.

  • Price

    Reach a market price level.

  • Reputation

    Build up your farm’s reputation and increase your selling opportunities.

  • Farm profile

    Farm profile is your presentation, a webpage. It can contain all the relevant information about your farming business.

  • More offers

    The sky’s the limit. Post as many offers as you choose at any time.

  • Managing offers

    Easily manage all your offers through our advanced system.

  • Notifications

    Get notified each time an offer closed to your interests gets published. Even more visibility

  • Google

    Google is our friend! We’ll make sure your offers and your profile will appear at the top of the search engine results.

  • Mobile phones

    Your offers and your profile are also available to mobile phone and /or tablet users.

  • Users support

    Telephone and online support are available 24/7 whether you’re signing up or posting an offer.

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